Creating Opportunity

A good few months has passed since I last wrote anything about going anywhere, but in my defence I've not been anywhere that I could talk about having been to anyway. Regardless I have a lot to say, about everything, and decided to write some of it down. In my last post I'd mentioned about …


Standing Still

If you've followed my posts for the last several months, you'd be aware I spent time in Thailand and promised to write about it. I've been home for around 1.5 months now and this post should explain why I'm yet to say a word. To put it briefly, my heads been up my arse. My …

How I’m Funding My Adventures Around the World Through Travel Blogging.

I found this post really comforting as recently I’ve been considering rather than catching my provisional flight home in October, I’d like to get a more permanent visa to stay in Canada over winter or failing that I’ve also been looking at Australia for an even longer term. Obviously with these thoughts come the worries of ‘What will my finances look like at that time?’ and ‘How will I afford to live or the visa to get me there?’.
Even though Shivya talks about funding via blogging, her reminders of letting go of luxuries and not really knowing how things will turn out are the most exciting aspects of travel and the ones that really help you find yourself if you happen to be in a sticky or less desired situation!

The Shooting Star

I started 2015 on a private island in Panama, with 150 rupees ($2.5 USD) in my account.

That’s the lowest my account balance has ever been since I quit my corporate job over four years ago. It was just one of those weeks when every single payment I was expecting got delayed. I had no idea how I would pay for my meals and transfers – they didn’t accept credit cards and my alternate debit card wasn’t working – but instead of panicking, I immersed myself in the Nat Geo-like setting of my hideout (think sting rays doing backflips, dolphins swimming with their kids, bioluminescent algae lighting up the waters).

shivya nath panama, how to make money from travel blogging At my private island hideout in Panama.

As luck would have it, by the time I checked out and went to an ATM with my host, one of my payments had *just* come in! PHEW.

The life of a travel blogger (or a freelancer)…

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Life in a bubble

**Apologies for the truly terrible quality of photos in this, they're mainly downloaded from facebook! I've been at camp for a few weeks now so it's probably about time I started to document my experience. For those who haven't been to or worked on a summer camp before, you might find my description of my …

Poland pt 2 

For the second half of our trip in Poland, we hired a minibus and travelled a few hours into the countryside to a town called Sulejow, near to where our relatives lived and originally where the wedding was supposed to be. As we travelled further away from the city it became plain to see that …