What It’s about!

Greetings, travel and lifestyle blog. Where to start?

I’ll start by telling you who I am and what the heck this is all about.

In short, I am a 22 year old graduate with a degree in something I don’t really want to persue, and a very muddled idea of what I want in life!

I drift in and out of hobbies as I’ve never really found something where I’ve felt I was truly expressing myself, and have never been able to stick to a job for much more than a year because I constantly have this nagging feeling that everything I do has to be worth it for some sort of self-actualisation purposes, (Maslow’s hierarchy, uni did teach me something at least). I’m pretty sure a lot of us feel this way without saying so outloud for fear of sounding like a unstable lunatic who can’t settle.

One thing that has always seemed worth it though, the ultimate goal, to me, is to travel. I live in Bolton just outside of Greater Manchester, and in the last few years especially I’ve watched it go from a shithole-but-it’s-our-shithole, to just a shithole.
In 2015 I was in the last year of completing my degree, I thought, now’s the time to do some travelling, get out there and do something bold, get out of my comfort zone, and see a bit of the world before coming home to settle down. Well, the settling down part has gone tits up.

This year I’ll be setting off in June to embark upon my second adventure! I plan on keeping you all up to date throughout and beforehand I will be creating posts about my past experiences leading up to this, any travel tips I have and my personal growth!

I’ve already started to get asked what I’m doing while I’m away and how I’m making it happen, so I’m more than happy to answer any questions on planning a trip if you’ve never done it before!

50 days until I go!


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